Wednesday, 14 April 2010


Been watching Tenant of Wildfell Hall on DVD in front of a suitably crackling log fire, hound at my feet--well, small fluffy dog at my feet anyway. Don't know the book but am now so gripped by TV version I just wish I had time to read it. Love the decaying house on the moor Tara Fitzgerald rents.

David Cameron posters were being nailed to stakes as bus came into Aston this evening. The self-styled arrogant bastard in hoodie and ripped jeans who was sitting next to me gave a snort--though not one filled with the full-throttle derision I expected.

I didn't snort but did feel... No, the point is I didn't feel. Hardly a thing. The poster could have been promoting anyone and I'd have had the same numb reaction. I suppose I'm just determined to ignore all the hype and vote for the candidate I was going to support anyway. Not that I'm particularly inspired by that person. I'm certainly not going to listen to the three-way debate tomorrow. I've never experienced election-apathy before.

Will I be voting for Dave? That would be telling.

Meanwhile, I can't believe the online course will be staring next Monday. The relative calm of the vacation has been fantastic.

Nice pint of Hooky at Bell at Langford this evening.

Have also been learning new type-setting tricks, which my friend Richard alerted me to.


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