Tuesday, 25 December 2012

flooded farmland and allotments, morris and talbot, midnight mass, humanist, happy christmas!!!!

Lots of flooding in west Oxfordshire when I drove to Witney and Burford for last-minute Christmas shopping--though thankfully it looks like only farmland is under water (above are the Windrush valley by the Swan at Swinbrook and east of Burford). The allotments are pretty soggy too, of course.

Went down to the Morris Clown and the Talbot this evening. Nice to see friends.

Also nice to hear Midnight Mass on Radio 4, despite being a Humanist!

Happy Christmas!!!! Have a wonderful day!!!!

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  1. I always end up listening to Carols and Readings from Kings, takes me back to those Christmas Eves with Grandfather and latterly Father.

    After seven years of brainwashing in formative years, very hard to erase a fondness for rousing, militaristic hymns ;-)