Sunday, 24 February 2013

twickenham, old boys match, freezing, snowdrops, hedging

Excellent afternoon at Twickenham yesterday, watching the England-France match. My first time at the stadium--wonderful atmosphere but unbelievable to think that there might have been as many as 82,000 people there. In the taxi back to Bampton from Witney last night, the driver asked what the stadium's capacity was and as I said the figure, I thought, I must have got that wrong, it can't be that many. But it is!

I used to play rugby when I was at Heatherdown and Stowe but didn't continue with it after school, apart from an old boys match when I was about twenty (a game that almost finished me off--a year or so of student life had left me as unfit as anything).

Another striking thing about yesterday's game was how straightforward and giving the crowd were. Just 82,000 people out to enjoy themselves!

Meanwhile, it's freezing in the west Oxfordshire countryside. A cold easterly wind that seemed to modify its direction with every turn I made when cycling this morning so that I was always heading into it. Lots of snowdrops out, though, including the ones above on a verge just outside Black Bourton. The hedging and tree cutting at Alvescot continues.

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  1. I liked your Twickers blog very much; might send you privately my 'rugby' poem - one of the very few I had published though now I wouldn't expose myself to that degree!
    I hope there's some proper hedging going on at Alvescot.