Sunday, 14 April 2013

warmer, frog spawn, busy, noughth week, uk web archive, e-legal deposit

Significantly warmer today--and indeed all this week. Frog spawn has started to appear in our new pond! Though out in the countryside, there are still places that remain flooded--the hedgerow shown above stands in about a foot of water. Even so, it's nice to see fields being cultivated and sown now.

Am I feeling the benefits of my holiday, after the first week back at work? Hmm, just, I think. It has been busy, as Oxford prepares for Trinity Term. We're about to go into Noughth Week.

One thing that's been talked about quite a bit this week, in library circles, has been the British Library's hugely ambitious plan to harvest and store billions of webpages for future scholars--see the Guardian's report on this. And this in the same week that electronic legal deposit started (as discussed on the UK Web Archive blog). Big information science advances.

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