Saturday, 1 February 2014

ugh! graffiti, downton hallucinations, log fire, assignment marking

There has been a lot more rain this week. There's also a been a keen wind, which makes the saturated air particularly unpleasant. It's in any case as if you are clothed in damp air and then you're sliced into by jets of cold. Ugh!

Yet there has been some respite. Walking along the canal tow-path in Oxford yesterday morning, the air was warm for a while and I was fooled into thinking that spring was on the way. There were hazel catkins out near the station.

How I hate the damage graffiti does! But how striking some of the images are!

Expression of another kind was thrown into sharp relief this morning as I walked through the churchyard. (Not Bampton churchyard any more but somewhere caught between ancient Bampton and Yorkshire Downton. You half-expect to bump into Lord Grantham. Or at least you do when you have a cold - perhaps it's the Boots day and night remedy.)

No cycling today because of the cold - only the walk to the butcher and Budgens. Then some assignment marking seated close to the log fire. Very much enjoy getting to know my students through their work.


  1. Now this week I was expecting a comment from you on that pub, as I'm sure you know it. I gather it also has Downton associations.

  2. I do indeed know it - and have done for many years. I liked it best in the early 1980s. Around that time I wrote a short story set there (which well never see the light of day). The pub is owned by a cousin, would you believe. I didn't know it had Downton associations.