Sunday, 13 April 2014

canal-side blacksmith, william morris, allotment drying out, novella, a conscious englishman

Saw this wonderful canal-side blacksmith when I was walking during my lunch break on Friday afternoon and thinking through something. The blacksmith was moored opposite Jericho, just up from St Barnabas church (see photo of 22nd February 2014).

I liked the William Morris quotation - as indicated in several jtns posts, Morris is a hero of mine (see posts on 21st April and 22nd April 2010, for example).

Beautiful sunshine for much of this week, though a cold wind remains, just waiting for a cloud to hide the sun so it can lower the temperature. But it has to be said that both sun and wind are playing their part in drying out the allotment and making forking through easier by the day.

I've been working on the novella and the corrected reprint of Margaret Keeping's A Conscious Englishman.

Yesterday, on the bus into work, I finished the major rewrite of the novella's first chapter. This used to be about 4,500 words but is now 3,200 and is itself divided into four chapters. The novella's working title is Icarus.

The text of A Conscious Englishman is almost finished and it and the updated cover - designed by Andrew Chapman - will soon be off to the printers.

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