Saturday, 7 June 2014

walking from wolvercote, stone, bridge, teaching

Have taken to getting off the bus at the top of the Woodstock Road, if I have time in hand, walking to Wolvercote and joining the Oxford canal by the green opposite the Plough.

For the first ten minutes of the walk to the city, it's as if you are in the countryside, with meadows and small copses and reed beds off to the right. There are also quite a number of narrowboats moored up. These have seen better days compared to the ones nearer the town but they are often brightly painted.

I came across the stone, above, just past Wolvercote - at first I thought it was a milestone or something that was used for tying up barges but now suspect it must have had some sort of plate screwed to it. I had imagined that the holes went right through the stone but they are only a centimetre or so deep, so perhaps they were screw fixings.

Love the raised bridge further along the canal below St Edward's school.

Did Prince2 project management methodology training yesterday - described as 'documented common sense' by the trainer. A lot to take in but potentially very useful for work.

Teaching in Oxford this morning and doing a Skype tutorial from home later.

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