Saturday, 29 November 2014

oxford reading room, working at the taylor, writing in a library - one day, one day - facing the strange, the servant contd

Written this morning:

‎In Oxford - the only reader in the reading room. Complete stillness and quiet, apart from the tapping of Blackberry keys.


I'll be crossing town and working at the Taylor shortly.

Earlier, a beautiful, relaxing walk from the ring road along Woodstock Road, down to the canal and across to the Parks.

Now wishing I had the time to spend days in this library writing, as I used to do as a student and as a reviewer and fledgling novelist. One day, day...

Finished Facing the Strange by S B Sweeney and loved it. Also, have been re-watching The Servant - have got beyond the first half and we're now well into the second. What a film! Especially enjoyed the London scenes - the London I  visited as a child.

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