Wednesday, 10 December 2014

days off, sorting papers..., lovely walk, orinoco: festive swap shop

Taking some days off this week - not to go on holiday but to sort out papers that have been building up over the years. Since we moved to Bampton, in fact. A curiously satisfying exercise, so far. You look at some of the stuff (well, most of it actually) and think/gasp, 'Why's that been sitting under the bed for the last fourteen years!'

A lovely walk to start the day, which took in the Thatcher's Fields (top photo) and Hayway Lane (the other two pics).

Meantime, a colleague emailed round this morning about a charity in Headington that she volunteers for called Orinoco that 'promotes re-use, art and creative play through education and direct action'. They're running a festive swap shop event this Saturday: 'This Saturday we’re having a bit of a festive Swap Shop from 11:00 til 13:00 and there will be Christmas food, a tombola, and possibly even a visit from Father Christmas!' Sounds great!

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