Tuesday, 14 July 2015

compasses inn, lower chicksgrove; fonthill lake, dredging, harper lee in oxford

Another very relaxing break at the Compasses Inn, Lower Chicksgrove.

Though, was surprised to see the water level in Fonthill Lake so low - compare the photo above with the one posted on Thursday 8th July 2010. Until we read about the dredging and maintenance project which will be undertaken later in the summer.

An interesting email was sent out by the Department for Continuing Education's librarian earlier, linking to an article in which, on the day that Go Set A Watchman is published, you can read about Harper Lee's Oxford Summer School, 1948:

"In 1948, Harper Lee was enrolled in law school in Alabama. Her older sister Alice was a lawyer; her father was a lawyer. But Lee wasn't enjoying her studies. Her father came up with a plan to focus Lee's mind..."

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