Sunday, 18 October 2015

library, last of the runner beans?, log fires, marking, introduction to visualization in digital scholarship

As I tweeted, yesterday I worked at the library and had a lovely walk into town along the Oxford canal beforehand.

Today I went to the allotment early to do some digging and tidying. Also harvested what really must be the last runner beans. They have done wonderfully well this year - amazing to think that there still haven't been any frosts. At least in west Oxfordshire.

Nevertheless, we have at last started having log fires, though we haven't yet turned on the central heating.

Over the past ten days a fair amount of time has been taken up by finals marking. Not long to go now, however.

Looking forward to attending Alfie Abdul-Rahman's talk at the Weston Library's Centre for Digital Scholarship on Thursday: Introduction to Visualization in Digital Scholarship.

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