Tuesday, 9 February 2016

curious, hawthorn in leaf - in january, tree down, daffodils up, great brook, chill wind, it's all happening

What a curious winter.

At the end of January, we saw a hawthorn in leaf near Weald - fresh, slightly waxy-looking leaves.

At Black Bourton the recent gales brought down a tree on the wilder side of the village green. Yet the daffodils growing on its roots soon righted themselves.

Heavy rains overnight on Saturday left the Great Brook, half-way between Cote and Chimney, full and brown.

Today there is a chill wind, which slips easily through the curtains and darts around the house, mocking the central heating and the log fire. A day that leaves you feeling tired and sickening for something, though I'm determined not to succumb.

In so many ways, it's all happening in 2016!

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