Wednesday, 20 July 2016

last bus, cuts, a bit of luck, 'the man on the 18 and 100 buses', thatching barley

Sad to say that tonight's journey home on the 18 bus was the last. The service - along with many other local ones across Oxfordshire - has been cut by the council to save money.

We are lucky because there is still a service to Witney with a connection to Oxford but many villages now have no bus at all. Catching the Witney bus will mean a even earlier start and a longer journey.

The acknowledgement at the back of my second novel, Invisible, is now an anachronism: to 'the man on the 18 and 100 buses'. Most of the novel was written on a PDA on these two buses and 'the man' was an (unconscious) inspiration for the voice of one of the narrators.

Took the photo of a crop of thatching barley this morning when dog walking. The straw of this, presumably old-fashioned, variety, is, not surprisingly, very long.

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  1. Nice commemoration of your very significant bus route, and sorry about your already astonishingly early start.