Sunday, 1 January 2017

beauty and the chill‎, reviving trad beetroot soup, slug attack, quiet night in, meeting friends, happy new year!!, touch

The, at times, quite beautiful misty walk along the Thames led to a chill and a couple of somewhat lost days of holiday...

‎Though I was revived by bowls delicious beetroot soup which has been a staple of our Christmases and New Years since we first took an allotment in 1989.

This year's crop of beets took a long time to get going but in August suddenly grew full and strong. The vegetables kept healthy right up to about ten days before Christmas. I went up to the allotment to attend to something and looked across at the crop - only to see that about two-thirds of it had been chomped, well and truly, by slugs. The surviving beets were immediately harvested and J's soup is one of the best ever.

A quiet end and beginning to the New Year last night, spent at home, watching episodes of Mr Selfridge on DVD.

It was lovely to meet with old friends this lunchtime.

Happy New Year!‎!



The infinity of touch
Reassures that all will be well.
As much of an illusion, perhaps,
As everything good in this world,
Which seems tilted
Towards evil and madness.
Yet can anyone deny the transcendence
Of touch?
And that has to be good.

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