Thursday, 13 April 2017

early walk, cracked earth, cowslips, old friend, poetry for peace, taylor #book #shelfie spring chick!

Really enjoyed walking T this morning early. Wonderful to be immersed in the green of the valley. Not that it will necessary stay green, if the dried out field shown above is anything to go by. No rain for quite a while and none on the horizon, according the the BBC ten-day forecast.

Loved seeing lots of cowslips! One of this time of year's great pleasures. Memories of meadows being thick with them when I was a boy and then there being hardly any trace of them for decades. There aren't masses now but so many more than in those bleak sprayed-up days.

Yesterday, we met Klaus and his family at the Plough at Kelmscott. He is a professor of English Studies at a German university and we were at Keble together some thirty years ago. So pleased he got in touch about his visit to Oxfordshire.

Saw on Facebook a post by my friend Jenny Lewis about a poetry project she joint-led last year, called Poetry for Peace. As it says on the Young Poets Network site: 'Generously supported by Arts Council England, Oxford University Museums and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), the project involved poets Adnan al-Sayegh and Jenny Lewis working with over sixty 11-17 year olds from four Oxford schools on themes of heritage and peace.' And now one of the winning poems has been made into a film poem by the Poetry Society: The Cracked Jug by Shakira Morar.

Just been tipped off by Twitter that colleagues at the Library have just made a #book #shelfie spring chick!


  1. Would that be Klaus Stierstorfer? Very nice chap. Often wondered what happened to him.