Saturday, 13 March 2010

heading for ox

On my way to Oxford.

Just watched Squeeze Cool for Cats video on youtube mobile. Vid seems familiar, although I can't be sure. Must've seen it at the time, even if I can't remember the pink vinyl 12" that Peter mentioned in his comment (see below).

The amazing thing about the vid is that it comes at the start of a Kenny Everett show, which kicks off with the Thames TV logo then bounces into sequences of cartoons (so psychedelic) and wacky KE appearances as he introduces the prog. Great. (I'll post link to this later).

Now listening to Sometimes it Snows in April by Prince. Had to switch off youtube because high-speed mob internet cuts out round Wytham Hill.

As I was writing above, Prince faded out and Marianne Faithful got going with As Tears Go By. Can't remember that one when it came out. First heard it when holed up in a farm cottage near Chichester in the early 80s at New Year. As soon as I got home I went to a record shop and scoured the catalogues. You could still order a 45 in those days.

Lovely walk this morning. But no pools--the fresh wind has licked them all dry.

Now in Ox, accompanied by Peter Gabriel and Games without Frontiers. (There's a lot of new stuff on this machine, honest. Shuffle's just in yesteryear mode...)

OMG it's Whiter Shade of Pale. Freaky.

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