Saturday, 6 March 2010


Over breakfast, I read a disturbing Times article about the jailing of a Porsche-addicted cocaine-dealing gangster and Britain's burgeoning love affair with the drug. From what the journalist says, you might be forgiven for thinking that people are so busy snorting coke they don't have time for anything else. (Maybe that's true, maybe financial meltdown was caused by everyone borrowing cash to fuel their habit. Not to mention paying for the nose refurbs.)

I have to admit I've only ever come across someone snorting coke once, and that was at a party over twenty-five years ago. Which probably makes me sound like the judge who asked who the Beatles were. But I wonder if anyone else has similar inexperience.

What I am addicted to, come to think of it, are articles about drug addicts, drug barons and the effects of drugs. Can't get enough of those.

On a happier note, there's also a great-sounding article on why owning a dog is good for you. As the coke dealer starts his eight year sentence, bet he wishes he'd just gone out and bought a pooch.

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