Tuesday, 11 May 2010


When I was walking along the Oxford canal this morning, I came across this little family--there is a fourth duckling but he shot ahead.

Ducklings are such wilful little things, determinedly getting on with their lives.

Meanwhile, I'm glad the government is sorted (if that's not too strong a word for what's happened). It's been a surprisingly unsettling period.

I thought Gordon Brown's speech outside Number Ten was moving, not least because Sarah Brown was standing beside him--she seems very dignified and loving. Then when they and their boys set off down the street GB seemed approachable in ways that he's not seemed for a long time.

In fact his speech was gentle--and, dare I say it, humble. No, actually to call it humble is to devalue it. When he spoke, he seemed warm and human. He came across as charismatic, I would have said.

A momentous day.

And in many other ways, enjoyable--a delicious, convivial lunch in Jericho. Thanks Malcolm.

Also got the flights, accommodation and congress registration sorted out for October, when I'll be Toronto bound. A privilege to be going.


  1. frances farrer29 May 2010 at 07:02

    Ducklings are completely cheering, please take some more pix before they grown up!

    Gordon Brown: agree with all you said except about the word humble, which I think is a compliment.

    What about the govt now? Still feeling optimistic?

  2. Thanks, Frances.

    Well, in so far as the coalition is stable and might last rather than lead to a swift second election, I am optimistic. I also feel that the Lib Dems do have a chance of curbing Tory excesses. I think the two parties should be given a chance. Which, of course, they won't be--on day two, someone on the Today programme said something like, 'The first cracks are beginning to appear in the coalition...'

    As far as policies are concerned, I feel that the abolition of HIPs is a good thing (nice idea but difficult to implement). Although I found one of those single-sentence news items that iPM does rather sad in this context. From memory, it was, 'Feeling sorry for my daughter, who invested £10,000 in training as a HIPs inspector.'