Sunday, 23 May 2010

ridging up

It's been a week, shall we say.

Some good things, such as the amazing Holguin gift to the Bodleian Latin American Centre Library, and the Writers in Oxford AGM.

The latter was a positive, constructive event and I was thrilled to receive six bottles of wine as a leaving present. Thanks to the committee for these and for the good wishes. Thanks also to members who have emailed, tweeted and facebooked lovely messages.

Today I went up the allotment and ridged up our spuds (see above), put up the wigwams for the runners and raked the ground that I'd cleaned. After a late breakfast I went back and planted beans, chard, pumpkins, carrots, New Zealand spinach, beetroots and parsnips. Feels good to have got this done.

Working there was respite from the sad events of this week. I wish Mum a speedy recovery and hope we can sort out everything else quickly and peacefully. I am grateful to my family, colleagues, students and above all Jess for their support at this difficult time.

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