Saturday, 26 June 2010


On allotment early this morning, cleaning ground for courgettes and late sowings of carrots, turnips and swede. THE best time to be out and about today. A cool breeze to begin with that had dropped by 8 am when I headed back.

Worked this morning and early afternoon before driving to Plough at Kelmscott. Love that pub and village--an exquisite middle-of-nowhere Thames valley place (with Wm Morris, Burden, Rossetti associations--wild).

Then home for late lunch in garden. (Pics above may not have displayed in order--the perils of posting from phone.)

Coolest place here is the shed. Amongst other things, the potato store. This year we've had home-grown spuds for 365 days. I collected the last of the 2009 harvest this morning from their hessian sack and tomorrow we'll lift the first of the 2010.

Steak supper later. Will maybe listen to Florence + the Machine after. Facebook friend posted about seeing F + t M and Stranglers at Glastonbury today. Envy!

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  1. Lovely garden Frank! Last time we were out at Kelmscott the Plough was still being renovated, but I'm very tempted to go back after reading your recommendation.