Wednesday, 2 June 2010

whitsun weekend bampton

Had a great time at the Whitsun celebrations in Bampton. True, there was some travelling to be done, family to see--which turned out to be an enriching and poignant experience--but there was still plenty of time left over to enjoy the festivities.

Loved best of all going to the Morris Clown late on Sunday night and watching the musicians and singers. As usual the way it all worked was someone would play a note then talk the others through the tune (often a nod and a word was enough) before a few of got going on it. It might be just a couple of people who decided to play or nearly the whole group, at others it was just someone singing unaccompanied.

What I found amazing, though, was how the drinkers kept drinking and chatting, as if the music were in the background. Well, it was but it was so much more than that. Here was this extraordinary event taking place in a pub on a Whit Sunday, with talented singers playing fascinating instruments or singing narrative songs with their beautiful voices. This was unaccountably special.

Thanks to Jamie Long ( and the others for a brilliant evening.

Thanks too to the Morris men and to friends C and S and E and A for the barbies.

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