Tuesday, 15 March 2011

bloomin spring

It's a change not to be reading students' work on the bus to Oxford. I have time to look at the spring landscape.

At Standlake, the meadows by the river Windrush have a fine mist over them, which makes the grass seem even more green than in the sun.

Beyond Northmoor, looking towards the Thames, the mist has turned to fog and the escarpment below Appleton is hidden.

Although much of this year has been dry and not too cold the memory of the snows round Christmas lasts and it seems a relief to feel the days getting warmer. It feels like it's been a long winter. Not one that has left me feeling depleted, as some do, but as if I have been in a state of walking hibernation.

Yesterday lunchtime, I had to drop a letter off at Stanford and went via Queen's Lane. As I rounded one of the sharp bends I suddenly realised that the air above me was alive with buzzing. Masses of tiny bees hovered round the buds of one of the New College trees.

Returning along the High Street, I was excited to see the cherry outside St Mary's, the University Church in flower. I missed it last year. This time it seems earlier than usual.

Meanwhile, in Bampton the daffs that ring the bases of the line of limes in our street are out.

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