Sunday, 27 March 2011

dawn chorus, barn owl, 192, kingcups

Up early this morning because there were assignments to go through.

Went out onto the lawn with a cup of tea to enjoy the twilight. Only to be deafened by the dawn chorus. Retreated to tranquillity of kitchen.

But not before being stunned into complete immobility by the sight of a barn owl perched on our neighbour's fence. Then a particularly loud-voiced sparrow struck up and the owl morphed into a fluffy body and a very feline profile with pointy ears scowling to the left. Can't win em all.

Talking of double-takes, I was surprised to see in one entry on that the people who sold us the house ten years ago are still here, living with us. I wonder where they are.

After the owl-cat incident I cycled for an hour, coming back along the gated road, where these two pics were taken.

I was especially excited to see the kingcups, which cheered an otherwise fetid-looking ditch, whose surface was stirred by disturbing bubbly burps as I approached.

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