Sunday, 8 May 2011

rain, barley, allotment, carbon

I didn't think the scud on Friday night that forced us into the Horse Shoe from the beer garden would come to anything. It seemed to have passed by the time the pint of IPA had been drunk and we were on our way home. It was a pleasant surprise to be woken by a downpour in the middle of the night that continued off and on well into Saturday. More rain last night too.

I can't remember when it last rained. Tufty certainly seemed bemused by it. He'd forgotten how much he enjoys splashing about in it and hid in the bedroom when Jess wanted to take him for a walk.

Rain is great for the garden and really helped the spuds grow beyond the vicious frost mid-week that burnt their leaves.

Beautiful cloudy skies, although the rain and the high winds that accompanied it have taken much of the blossom from the trees and the countryside is suddenly early-June green. Loved the barley, trees and big sky in the pic above, when I was cycling along the gated road this morning.

Had a good hour or so on the allotment after a late breakfast. Another hour and the ground will all have been prepared. The rain has cheered up not just spuds but last year's chard and this year's shallots and onions. Hopefully the seeds I planted ten days ago will be through soon too.

Downloaded what Nokia described as a recommended software upgrade yesterday. As promised new phone features duly appeared. What disappeared though was the pre-loaded carbon black background I like. Had to go to the Ovi store and pay £3 to get it back. Nice work Nokia.

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