Sunday, 29 May 2011

shirt race, not, courgettes and cucumbers, peonies and the garden

The Bampton Morris dancing and folk weekend is in full swing. Sadly, though, I fell asleep and missed the Shirt Race, so no pics of the Downton Abbey rig that Keith on the allotments told me about. Ah well.

Hoping to stay awake for a bit of folk music down the pubs this evening.

Meanwhile, planted out cucumber and courgette seedlings on the allotment this afternoon. I forked through the places where I was going to plant them to a fork's depth and made dishes in the soil so the seedlings were below the surface and protected from the wind. The wind is relentless and has sucked nearly all the moisture out of the ground since the rains on Thursday.

I'm sad to say that usually I struggle to cultivate the plot because my times up there are limited to when I have gaps in my work schedule and usually when I'm free it's raining. As a result I'm usually still battling away by now. This year, getting up on the allotment has been no problem, what with all the dry weather. So, usually, it's chaos but productive chaos. This year it's a well-tended desert.

Here are some pics of Jess' garden instead.

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