Monday, 20 June 2011

bl, aclaiir, jack c, spitfire, sausage & mash

London is wet and on the X90 it's sweltering.

Had a great day at the ACLAIIR AGM at the British Library, though. Everyone was so welcoming and the talks were really interesting. The only disappointment was getting to the BL after the library tour had started. Just how early do you have to get up to make King's Cross by 9:30 am? Earlier than 4.30, obviously.

Realised, as the coach reached the city, that I haven't been to London for a fair few years. Although it's not been quite as long a gap as Jack on the Island meant when he told me in the late 90s that he'd not been to London for a 'year or two, boy'. Turned out his last visit was in 1945 when he was demobbed.

Had a pint of Spitfire and a plate of sausage and mash for supper.

Now, a snooze.

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  1. After much puzzlement, wondering what games device the X90 is, like Jack I have been away too long, an inter-village charabanc!