Friday, 24 June 2011

radcliffe infirmary

This morning, as I walked from the Latin American Centre towards St Giles, it looked as if someone had done a Christo on the Radcliffe Infirmary--Christo himself, perhaps?

Prosaically, it seems the wrapping is merely the latest phase of Oxford University's project to restore the 1770 building before it becomes home to the Humanities Divisional Office, two Bodleian Libraries' collections and a Faculty in 2012 (see the project website and live webcam).

It will be interesting to see the building when the wrapping is taken off.

By the time I moved to Oxford the Infirmary had ceased to be the city's main hospital--the new JR having opened in 1979--though I do remember being brought to the Infirmary from Stowe after breaking my arm during a judo competition. For some reason I'd decided not to wait for the minibus to take me back to the school after the competition, having retired early, and walked the two or three miles home. The arm didn't hurt that much until the evening. I didn't sleep a wink in the sick-room that night.

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