Saturday, 4 February 2012

another week, ice

Another week.

Actually, it has been a better one than the last two. How it could fail to be?

Work has helped--the tasks and routines--although thoughts and feelings have caught up with me, often when least expected.

The support of family, friends and colleagues has been amazing.

Meanwhile, the frog pond froze over at the beginning of the week and the ice has been getting thicker each day. This morning was SO cold! Lots of trips to the top of the garden with the Zanzibar six-cup coffee maker to melt holes in the ice to help the frogs get some air. They seem pretty torpid but appear to be doing well.

The outlook is rising temperatures--though with these will come the snow...

Saw the ducks, above, on the frozen-over Oxford canal on Thursday when walking to work. The other pic shows ice on the inside of our bedroom window. (The bedroom isn't heated in the belief that this is healthy. Not sure that's quite true just at the mo.)

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