Sunday, 5 February 2012

snow, saunter, wander, walk, catching up

The snow came as forecast yesterday afternoon. Today it looked pretty before near enough melting away by evening. The sky was overcast and the landscape seemed smoky for most of the day. The sun burst through briefly at about three.

Tufty loved the snow, including a saunter along the freshly whitened pavements to the Horse Shoe last night and a wander round the village at about midnight. We all had a great walk this morning.

The hazel catkins in the Millennium Wood, shown above, emerged during the warm spell in mid January. Some appear to have been burnt by the cold but most look alright. Meanwhile the recent frosts have helped to break down the ground on the allotment. Only some chard and beetroot remain to be harvested--though the spuds, onions and challottes in store are holding up.

Felt exhausted yesterday afternoon and at times today. I think the reality of the last couple of weeks is catching up with me.

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