Saturday, 2 June 2012

pruning, biking, lag, festivities, tons

Great to get out on the bike earlier, despite it being a misty-grey morning.

Took longer than expected to get the bike from the shed--had to prune back rambling rose and philadelphus that had grown over garden path beforehand.

I've not been up to the allotment since returning from the US but will try to do something there later. The overnight rain hasn't helped my chances of working the ground, though. Meanwhile, I'm hoping that the spuds, shallots and onions have grown as much as everything in the garden. (I imagine the weeds have not been slow in coming forward either...)

Feeling less tired today but have been very surprised by the effects of jet lag, which I've never experienced before. Disorientating, apart from anything else.

Well, Bampton is gearing up for the Shirt Race, the Morris dancing on Monday and the various street parties on Tuesday. The folk musicians will be in the pubs throughout.

Surprised when cycling btw by the difference between Bampton and Clanfield, as far as bunting is concerned. Tons in Bampton but not much at all in Clanfield--north end, at least.

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