Saturday, 30 June 2012

runners, wigwams, rain, cycling, aclaiir, lie-in

Intended to dig over the patch on the allotment where the runner bean wigwams are to go--runner plants are waiting in pots at the top of the garden. But before I'd finished my cup of tea it was pouring with rain.

Went out on the bike instead and hope to be able to get onto the allotment tomorrow.

Meanwhile, the online course comes to an end this weekend and diploma marking is arriving.

The ACLAIIR meeting yesterday at the Taylor was terrific. Lovely to see colleagues, meet new people, listen to the seminars and attend the AGM.

Meanwhile, the countryside is looking pretty healthy (including the mallow beside Clanfield to Bampton road above), although I think the corn seems late this year (lower pic of wheat off Calcroft Lane).

Looking forward to a lie-in tomorrow.

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