Saturday, 21 July 2012

summer...?, cricket at worcester, yaffling, dinner at exeter, developing as a creative writer, new journey

Great that summer seems to be here at last.

Off to see some cricket at Worcester College later this afternoon. Some friends have been coming back to play the dons' team each year for two decades. For a couple of years when we lived on Osney I ended up playing too (a sort of honorary Worcester alumnus)--though I can't claim to have been an asset at all. I liked the beer and listening to the green woodpecker yaffling in the trees by the canal, though. Worcester is, I believe I'm right in saying, the only Oxford college with a sports ground within its walls. A wonderful place!

Had a busy week--when aren't weeks busy? But it's nice to have some space this weekend.

Tomorrow evening, I'll be dining in hall at Exeter College, as it's the start of the creative writing summer school. I'm teaching a course entitled, Developing as a Creative Writer, which I'm really looking forward to. The dinner will be preceded by drinks in the Fellows' Garden, where I'll meet the students for the first time.

Photo above seems appropriate to the way I feel these days, somehow. Maybe it's the after effects of the family upsets--whatever the cause, I often feel like I'm embarking on a new journey now.


  1. Looking forward to your reading on 6th August at Exeter. Here's to new journeys!
    Gail (OUDCE)

    1. Btw, now changed to Friday 10th August, 11.15 am.

  2. Thanks, looking fwd to Friday now! :) Does this mean Jenny Lewis is now on Monday? I know a student is coming specially to hear her and I'll notify her of the date change, if you can confirm?

  3. Yes, I think that's right. I'll double-check with Sandie. I'm definitely on Friday, though.

  4. Just heard back: yes, a straight swap. Jenny on Monday.