Saturday, 28 July 2012

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Beautiful morning--fresh to begin with, getting hotter, but not too humid, as the sun climbed higher.
Caught 18 bus at seven because I was due at the Taylor. The bus gets to Oxford way before the library opens so I had a great walk. Oxford canal towpath to Aristotle Lane then out onto to Port Meadow and along Fisherman's Walk. Crossed the Thames at Bossoms Boatyard and headed for Binsey. The lane from the hamlet feels more like the country than the lanes round Bampton. It's a delight and leads to the ancient church and its 'treacle' well. We were married at Binsey.
Loved the sight of Wytham Hill from Port Meadow (above) and the chicory plants lining the river bank by the boatyard. You used to only see chicory near the ring-road roundabout at Botley. I'm pleased that it's spreading. Come to think of it, the roundabout isn't that far from Binsey. (The sound of the ring road in the churchyard is what gives the game away that you're not in the countryside.)
So many walks along these interlinked paths years ago. Lovely to see the old places.
The sky seen through the vast windows in the Taylor Main Reading Room has been moody at times and at one point looked like rain.
Taking a quick break now before the final hour. Then it's off to Witney and a late lunch at the Hollybush.
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