Sunday, 28 October 2012

marking finished, lie-in, warmer, blue trailer, mst blog, edward thomas' oxford, wio 20th

Finals marking finished for another year. A rewarding experience.

Had a lie-in this morning and have felt a good deal less awake than on previous Sundays when I've got up at 6 am...

Enjoyed cycling, though. Rather warmer than yesterday (top photo), which was freezing. There wasn't much of a frost but the wind was extraordinarily bitter.

The countryside was grey and fairly nondescript this morning, apart from the blue trailer.

Btw the MSt in Creative Writing now has a blog, which is exciting:

And talking of blogs, Margaret Keeping's post on Friday featured the wonderful book on Oxford that Edward Thomas wrote. Published in 1903 by A & C Black, it has illustrations by John Fulleylove and the fee for the book apparently saved Thomas and his family from the 'gutter and bankruptcy'. Seeing the post made me want to reach for my first edition, only to find it not on the shelf. I have a feeling it's in the attic. I'll have to get the ladder down.

Meanwhile, looking forward to the Writers in Oxford 20th anniversary party at Worcester College in a couple of weeks' time. As the invitation says, it will be held in the room 'where it all began'. I'm wondering how many past chairs of the society will be there.

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  1. Well Frank, if yours is a first edition of 'Oxford' as mine is too, I hope your attic is good and dry.
    Must admit I find it a curate's egg of a book for me, - good in parts. My favourite section is The Oxford Country, when you can feel him getting into his stride, literally and writerly,like,
    'One such footpath I remember,that could be seen falling among woods and rising over hills, faint and winding, and disappearing at last,- like a vision of a perfect, quiet life.'
    And ,
    For the most part we saw only the great hawthorn hedge,which gave us the sense of a companion always abreast of us, yet always cool and fresh as if just setting out.'