Saturday, 20 October 2012

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Lots of work this weekend, which means cycling in the dark both mornings. So, here are two photos I took yesterday, while walking along the Oxford canal.

The bridge over the last lock will be familiar to jtns regulars and features in The Lock, my first novel--an image of the bridge appears on the cover of the StreetBooks Kindle ebook edition.

It has been, sadly, another violent Saturday. This time closer to home. As I walked into the centre of the village, there was police tape cordoning off part of the square, an ambulance, many police cars and a dozen or so police officers, some interviewing witnesses. I saw a woman being led to the ambulance and our post office manager standing outside his premises.

From what I've learnt since, there was a raid about 9.30 am, involving two men. The woman who works behind the counter was badly beaten up. An incident that has left the village shocked and angry.

[Since writing the above, the story has started to appear in the local press.]

It is not the first raid on a business in the village since we've been here. As someone said, crooks must think little villages 'easy pickings'.

The day has been mostly overcast and cold--though there was some thin sun around noon. The ground is sodden from torrential rain during the week. A chill autumn day, therefore. Log fire this evening.

Thanks to Cathy x for the mention on her blog writeanovelin10minutesflat.

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  1. Thanks Frank. That's very kind of you to name-check me. Love the beautiful leaves. Cathy x