Saturday, 12 January 2013

back to work, forecast of snow, coal fire, oxford 0th week, fresh eyes

Gosh, a challenging week! A shock to the system, going back to work after the lovely long holiday! Still feeling the benefits, though. One of these has been an unexpected urge to tidy desks and put both my physical and virtual filing systems in order--something not felt for a few years. Colleagues will wonder what's happened!

Somewhat grey and lowering weather, nevertheless. Incredibly warm to begin with but now chilly--with the forecast of snow.

Loved the smell of a coal fire from one of the barges when I was walking along the Oxford canal the other day.

Oxford 0th Week--this past week--seemed earlier than usual. The online course I teach started last Monday and there has been a fair bit to do in respect of other creative writing courses too. All very rewarding, however--as suggested above, the long holiday has meant I've viewed the world of work with fresh eyes! Long may that last.

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  1. Good luck with the new orderly Frank - though you've always seem to get where you're going in life OK.
    I love those barges and the smoke rising from the chimney - once I took that daily walk to Hythe Bridge Street from Port Meadow for work and seeing your pictures vividly reminds me of that quite other life.