Saturday, 26 January 2013

thaw, a conscious englishman on sale, look inside, burns night, cairn o'mohr spring oak leaf wine

The thaw began last night and this morning, after a lot of rain (flooding predicted in some areas), there is hardly any snow left.

Another rather hectic week. Lots going on at the libraries, there's teaching and marking to do, and the publication of A Conscious Englishman is imminent.

Talking of the forthcoming novel, you can now buy copies from the StreetBooks website and Look Inside on Amazon. (There's also a nifty £5.58 Book Depository copy available on Amazon, I notice. As has been widely noted, the ways of Amazon and pre-publication copies are a mystery!)

Meanwhile, having some friends round for a Burns Night (well nearly) supper this evening. The Cairn O'Mohr spring oak leaf wine arrived yesterday and the Rough Guide to Scottish Folk has been downloaded. Btw the original box of spring oak leaf was damaged--all thanks to Cairn O'Mohr for getting a replacement to us within a day!

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