Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Last week of term.

Lots of things to do, though. Even so, was sad to miss the Oxford Centre for Life Writing lunch on Tuesday and yesterday's lunch for all colleagues who had done Navigator courses (I did one last autumn).

Ah well, a busy but productive week.

Productive in terms of work but not on the allotment--too wet to do anything when I had free time. Hoping that by some miracle the soil will have dried out by tomorrow morning.

At odd moments on the bus have been continuing to listen to Laura Marling's Once I Was An Eagle. A generous album both in terms of length and how many details that re-listening reveals.

Excellent review of A Conscious Englishman in the Oxonian Review by Gabriel Roberts. An insightful balance of well-articulated criticisms and praise from someone who clearly knows the subject. These words sum up how I feel about the book:

'A Conscious Englishman holds its own against other versions of the same story and provides an easier route than academic studies into the contexts of Thomas's writing. Anyone with a burgeoning interest in Thomas should begin by reading the poems, but A Conscious Englishman is a worthy addition to the expanding secondary literature.' Gabriel Roberts, The Oxonian Review

I'm so pleased for the book and for Margaret!

(Photos taken on Oxford canal on my way to work this morning.)
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