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Welcome to jtns, which I've been writing since 2010. Most of its 600 plus posts are about day to day things - highlights from the previous week, books read, places visited - together with photos of what I've seen. There are some posts, though, that deal with a difficult subject - obsessional emotional and economic abuse that went on for several decades and that came to a head in autumn 2010. Writing jtns became in part a way of coping with the consequences of what happened and exploring them openly. This aspect of the blog is discussed in JTNS, An Introduction and Life-Writing Talk, with Reference to Trust: A family story. Now that the pain of the past years is easing (after many false dawns, when I thought it had finally passed), the frequency of the posts is lessening and in 2020, when jtns will be ten years old, they will stop. I hope that you enjoy the photos and reading the happier posts (the majority) and take a little from them. Frank, October 2018

Saturday, 1 June 2013

sunrise, under the weather, book launch missed, lunch with cousin

Working in Oxford for part of today, so was up early. Took photo of sunrise through the lime tree above our garden shed at about 6 am. OK sunrise is a bit misleading--sun had been up for a while. Still fresh and beautiful, though.

Had a lovely walk along the Oxford canal, then camomile tea at Caffè Nero. Now heading back home to enjoy the late afternoon sun in our garden.

Cough and cold mentioned last weekend didn't give up and became something of a nightmare. Still not fully recovered but on the mend.

Was meant to attend Oxford launch of If I Could Tell You by Jing-Jing Lee but couldn't go because I wasn't feeling well. See the book on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17225939-if-i-could-tell-you.

I did, however, have lunch with a cousin yesterday. We had never met till then, even though we are quite closely related. A lovely occasion! Discoveries, including places we both know in Wiltshire and Somerset and on my part lots of new information about family history.
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  1. Really sorry to hear that you're still not over the beastly cold.
    Lovely picture - I particularly liked the gentle sagging shed roof, which seems to be trying to mimic the curvature of the earth to compliment the sun.

  2. It's too bad you couldn't attend the launch, Frank! You were missed. Hope you're feeling better now that the sun is out.
    - Jing