Saturday, 3 August 2013

harvest time, lords and ladies, barley, exeter college summer school, rewley's 135th

Harvest time brings a frisson of autumn in the ruby lords and ladies berries and the dry ripened barley, which will soon give way to cultivated soil and new-sown seed.

I photographed the lords and ladies at the base of this tree (or maybe it was one of its neighbours) the year before last (30th July). Not sure whether these ones will grow taller or remain as they are.

I was out cycling at about 7 am this morning, after having been working for an hour or so. These are busy weeks as far as creative writing teaching is concerned, not least because of the summer school at Exeter College--which I am enjoying immensely. Two wonderful groups of students!

Meanwhile, I've signed up to give a public seminar on Thursday 26th September at 10 am, Rewley House. This will be my contribution to Continuing Education's open day, which takes place this year on the 135th anniversary of the founding of the department. Looking forward to this event! Details soon.

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