Sunday, 28 July 2013

rain, first spuds, great brook, brandy bottle lilies

Heavy rain yesterday evening meant there was little I could do on the allotment this morning, although I did lift our first spuds. The variety is Estima and while the potatoes are quite small there were a lot of them on each root. Given how late the spuds were planted this year, I was really pleased.

Afterwards, I went cycling. I've not been along the Great Brook, which parallels the Thames and flows into it at Shifford Lock, for some time because I've tended to work on the allotment then do the Mount Owen route. So it was great to see what's been happening in this part of the countryside. The stream is full of brandy bottle lily pads and flowers--like the ones in the photos, which I saw opposite the thatcher's reed bed.

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