Sunday, 20 July 2014

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Had a great week at the Digital Humanities Summer School at Wolfson College Oxford.

Over 70 sides of handwritten notes taken, some of which I'll use for my report but most of which I'll be going through in order to follow up ideas and think through what was talked about. Such fascinating talks and workshops.

I'll blog about some of the things I learnt in due course.

This weekend has been about doing some preparation for summer teaching but has mostly been about relaxing and letting the whizzing thoughts post-summer school settle.

Took the photo of a water lily in our pond earlier - look at the flies in the centre.

Up on the allotment this morning it seemed slightly surreal to be sipping water from a Canadian Digital Humanities Summer Institute water flask (one of the giveaways at the Oxford summer school), a pair of buzzards circling above. But then, as was emphasised by a number of speakers at the summer school, the digital humanities remain all about the study of what it means to be human and aren't divorced from the old ways.

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