Saturday, 5 July 2014

heavy rain, tour de bampton-tour de yorkshire, guided retreat, sunny week

It was raining heavily at 5 this morning and it only began to ease off when I was about half-way round my cycling circuit (mercifully somewhat flatter than the Yorkshire Dales stage of the Tour de France with its Buttertubs Pass and whatnot).

Speaking of the Tour, there was an excellent episode of Radio 4's Open Country (Tour de Yorkshire) this morning about the history of the landscapes that the cyclists will be bombing through, including the folklore behind the Buttertubs name.)

Moved at a gentler pace this morning, even taking time out to photograph the meadow cranesbill flower above.

Just a few pages more to read for the MSt Guided Retreat that starts tomorrow before returning to undergraduate portfolio marking for the rest of today.

Luckily, given the workload, I won't have to head for the allotment to do the watering. Though it has been a treat to be out there for half-an-hour in the late evening all this sunny week, watering, weeding and tidying.

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