Saturday, 9 August 2014

brighter, rain, travellers' encampment, thick mist, summer school

A brighter morning, after moderately heavy rain last evening and in the night.

Saw the travellers' encampment at Cowleaze Corner when cycling earlier. The corner was, I have always imagined, a piece of common land where cattle were pastured before being to taken to Bampton market in the nineteenth century. Though whether I'm being fanciful, I don't know! To me, anyway, the scene seems fitting and somewhat timeless. Also appropriate for a village that has a pub named The Romany - its sign showing a brightly-painted gypsy caravan.

Yesterday morning there was a thick mist to start with, though it cleared quickly once the sun was up. The top photo shows the sun rising over French beans and sweet peas, and a long strand of spider-web (if you look closely).

A tiring but a fulfilling week. Very much enjoying working with the summer school students. Today will be spent going through creative pieces submitted for the workshopping exercises next week and preparing for the seminars.

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