Sunday, 24 August 2014

working sunday, spaces, dog-walking, small tortoiseshell and scabious

Partly, a working Sunday. Lots of spaces to relax in, though.

Lovely time walking T the terrier earlier - saw this small tortoiseshell on a scabious flower when we were almost back at the village.


  1. Two good posts in one day- you are making the most of the week's spaces. Your Godstow - Binsey reflections were very evocative. How good it is that it really doesn't change at all as you walk in that direction.
    Hopkins is a favourite of mine , even though he does describe our bit of Oxford as 'a base and brickish skirt.'
    I heard today, on Something Understood' Richard Burton reading somef Hopkins I'd never heard of - at first I thought it was Dylan Thomas. It was called 'The Golden ---????------' Quite extraordinary. Do you know it?

  2. Thanks, Margaret. No, I hadn't heard it before but now I have can quite understand why you thought it was Dylan Thomas's poetry. It's on YouTube:

  3. ...The Leaden Echo and The Golden Echo.

  4. Thank you ! Wonderful to hear it at will. Burton and Hopkins, so different in their lives, complimenting each other perfectly.