Saturday, 25 October 2014

eclectic photos, building-chomping, conted open day, casta paintings

A somewhat eclectic set of photos this time.

There's the building-chomping machine seen in Oxford the week before last, the view from one of the fields to the south of the village taken last weekend and a phone box seen today when cycling.

Which only goes to show how long it is since I last posted.

The start of term and the master's finals marking took their toll... Astonishingly busy weeks.

Now thinking about my Continuing Education Open Day event on the 4th November, which appears to be sold out, and the start of the undergraduate diploma module that I teach.

Very much enjoyed the joint party given by the Society of Authors and Writers in Oxford recently at Balliol College - lovely to see old friends!

Also enjoyed the Casta paintings seminar at the Latin American Centre, given by Professor Earle of Warwick University.

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