Saturday, 11 October 2014

misty, jade, finals marking, a conscious englishman, shirley baker, trust: a family story

There was a light mist when I went cycling, though it soon cleared and the rain started.

Loved the green of the fodder roots in the misty light - you can get an impression of this from the photo but in reality it was much more bright jade than it looks.

Inductions' week at the library, so lots happening. Exhausting but thankfully I've been sleeping well and have felt fresh today and can get on with finals marking.

Really enjoyed discussing A Conscious Englishman with Margaret Keeping at the Woodstock Bookshop. Lovely to see former students and academic friends in the audience. Many thanks to Rachel for inviting us!

First log delivery of the season this morning.

Fascinating obituary of the urban photographer Shirley Baker in the Times and Guardian this week. Check out her brilliant photos at the Mary Evans Picture Library.

Finally, friends have asked about the title of the life-writing book: Trust: A family story.


  1. On Trust, I've begun to notice such memoirs published recently - one about the family at Faringdon House, another in yesterday's Guardian about a family that lost all their money - an article by Nicola Baird.

    1. Thanks, Margaret. I'll look at that Guardian article. Very interesting.