Thursday, 1 January 2015

clanfield via old man's bridge footpath, home in the dark, ice melting, t dozing in front of the fire... dancing by the pool in queensland... happy new year!!!!

Written earlier:

Another terrific cross-country walk to Clanfield.

This time via the footpath that goes from Old Man's Bridge to the Clanfield-Radcott Bridge road, passing just to the south of Friar's Court. This one-mile stretch of the walk was new to us - great to still be finding untried byways in the valley after nearly fourteen years here.

Returned in the dark, after a four-hour round trip.

Ice beginning to melt but only slowly.

T now dozing in front of the fire.‎..

Quite a contrast, this New Year's Eve, to last year's - dancing by the pool in Queensland. Could take the CD player up to the frog pond, I suppose...

Midnight 2014/2015:


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