Saturday, 17 January 2015

freezing start, memories, early walk, assignment marking, snow, noughth week, things hotting up, jtns 50,000th

Freezing start to the day, with the roads and pavements glassy, so definitely NO cycling. Memories of coming off the bike a few years back still vivid.

Set off on a walk before seven because I'm marking assignments this weekend and have a fair bit to get through.

Photos show the churchyard with a clear skyline then, just a few minutes later, conditions worsening in Bridge Street. Not that the snow came to much in the end.

Oxford full term begins on Monday, though things during Noughth Week were already hotting up.

Oh, and according to Blogger stats, justthoughtsnstuff had its 50,000th pageview this week. And no, they're not all me...


  1. Many congratulations on the 50,000 and I'm sure you enabled the 'not own page-view' counter straight away!
    I have thought of you as I was reading the ubiquitous H is for Hawk, Helen Mackintosh, as the grounds of Stowe figure in it. TH White wrote his Goshawk there.

    I read lines in a review this weekend which have really stayed with me-
    'Norwegian Karl Ove Knausgaard's six-volume autobiographical sequence My Struggle has inspired many writers to give up on artifice and invention and address themselves exhaustively to the texture of their own lives. "Autobiography is increasingly the only form in all the arts," Rachel Cusk confidently declared recently.' (Sunday Times' Theo Tait). I think I find that very liberating.
    While I'm going on - have wondered if A Conscious Englishman wouldn't have been more commercially titled with 'Edward Thomas' in the title e.g 'For love of Edward Thomas'. A relaunch - what do you think?
    Last - 9 years after we started the Undergrad CW diploma a sizeable group of us still meeting for a meal and ongoing encouragement. Brilliant course.

  2. Sorry for tardy reply, Margaret. It's been quite a week, what with one thing and another. Thanks for the pointer to H is for Hawk and for the autobiography quotes. There does seem to be a lot of interest in life-writing at present. I find the area fascinating. I know what you mean about putting Edward Thomas in the title but personally much prefer A Conscious Englishman - ACE! How amazing to think it's 9 years since you started the course. Soon it will be 9 years since my seminars - gosh time has gone so fast. It's great that you still meet up. I hope you had a good meal last week! Talking of meeting up - we must meet up!