Saturday, 4 April 2015

holiday time, pond clearing, tadpoles, conted award ceremony, brian nisbet's now you know, catherine chanter's the well, white violets, ant and pearly raindrops

Taking some time off next week. Wonderful to be on holiday after a particularly hectic start to the year. Looking forward to doing some gardening.

Got going with the pond this afternoon - removing blanket weed and duckweed before the tadpoles hatch. Well, that was the theory but I was only just in time. A lot are already out and about - though fortunately keeping to their nursery area which is like a shallow bowl in the middle of the clumps of spawn that were laid amongst the yellow flag.

As tweeted earlier in the week, I loved attending the Award Ceremony for ContEd courses at the Sheldonian. Students from the Certificate of Higher Education and the Diploma in Creative Writing were graduating. Great to catch up with the students afterwards too.

Looking forward to Brian Nisbet's book launch next Thursday for Now You Know. See 21st March post (which was also the one in which I mentioned seeing the first clumps of frog spawn in the pond).

Meanwhile, very pleased that another former student, Catherine Chanter, is doing so well with her novel The Well, published by Canongate.

Terrific that the white violets are out along Calcroft Lane. The one above is being visited by an ant. Surrounded by pearly raindrops.

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